• Jan Kaucký

    VAT, customs and excise tax solutions in Central Europe, especially in the Czech Republic for
    world-wide clients.

Is represented by the Director.

RNDr. Jan Kaucký

Practice Experience

Jan Kaucký focuses on providing VAT, customs and excise tax solutions in Central Europe, especially in the Czech Republic for world-wide clients. 

He is specialized namely in cross-border operations with goods and services.

During his 30 years of professional career, he has developed considerable expertise in the above areas and nowadays he is an internationally recognized and highly regarded specialist. He provides professional advice on VAT planning techniques for international trade with goods and services and for companies with partial recovery of input VAT. He builds creative customs planning techniques for manufacturers, importers and exporters. He specialized on excise tax issues, particularly in the field of classification of oil products according to the Common Customs Tariff (CCT) of the EU, and classification of transactions with fuels for excise tax purposes. He also specializes on excise duty on beer and alcohol and tobacco products. 

For several years Mr. Kaucký worked in the pharmaceutical industry in a chemical research and production laboratory after the graduation from the university in Prague, which provided him with a thorough insight and understanding of this particular field. He gained experience in Central customs headquarters of Czechoslovak Federative Republic in customs tariff and customs policy issues.

Before establishing his own business in a form of a limited liability company he was a freelance consultant. Before that Mr. Kaucký was partner of Deloitte & Touche in the Czech Republic where he developed and consequently headed the Indirect Tax practice in the country with contacts in the region of Central Europe. 
Wednesday, June 30, 2021


  • I have worked with Jan on several assignments with numerous clients. He is extremely knowledgeable in the area of taxation and customs. At all times he is a consummate professional and he delivers the results in an efficient timely manner. As an adaptable communicator, he is able to work with all levels of management and all kinds of teams. On top of it, he has an excellent sense of humor and it is fun to work with him.

  • Jan is a reliable consultant, pro-active and genuine person. I really appreciated working with him.